Agile Learning at Milton Keynes College

Client: South Central Institute of Technology


Working in synergy with Milton Keynes College and TOP-TEC we utilised market leading furniture to deliver an Agile Learning space perfect for dynamic student collaboration...

The Client

The goal of the South-Central Institute of Technology (SCIoT) is to transform education by establishing learning environments that adhere to contemporary teaching methods and cater to the requirements of various industries. In partnership with MK College, this exciting project involved a new building at Bletchley Campus in Milton Keynes with the aim of providing opportunities for education and training in crucial tech skills, meeting the needs of businesses and inspiring digital futures. The institute wanted to make one of the rooms in the new building into a dynamic collaborative learning space, designed to promote teamwork and enhance student engagement. To achieve this vision, we collaborated with TOP-TEC to help bring SCIoT’s innovative learning environment to life. Key project criteria were as follows:

Key Features

  • Blending physical and digital environments
  • Integrated learning and collaboration
  • Agile and adaptable spaces
  • The AV furniture must facilitate, secure, and integrate the preselected AV/ICT equipment
  • The AV Furniture must incorporate SCIoT branding within the new space

Decision Process

Following several project meetings with ourselves TOP-TEC and SCIoT, it was decided the Synergy collaborative tables would be the best solution for the new learning environment. SCIoT appreciated how the Synergy range would help support their objective of integrating learning and collaboration into the brand new building. To help maximise the space within the room, TOP-TEC worked with Roche AV and SCIoT to develop 2D room layouts featuring the Synergy Plectrum and Synergy Quad, helping provide a working space for up to 30 students. Once a layout was agreed upon, 3D room renders where then supplied by TOP-TEC to help SCIoT fully visualise what the new space would look like. 


The Plectrum and Quad worktop shapes were decided upon as both promote collaboration between students, whilst using the screen as an aid for group work. SCIoT were keen on implementing their brand throughout the new campus space and discussed how we could work together to achieve this. Liaising with the chosen architects, TOP-TEC were able to provide some 3D renders of how each product would look incorporating SCIoT’s orange and black colourways.


The Solution 

The TOP-TEC Synergy tables feature a screen at the end of the table that can facilitate video conferencing, online and blended learning. This enables online students to work alongside students physically seated at the table, giving lectures a choice of how to teach the class. Synergy is specifically designed to enhance student communication and teamwork, ideal for collaborative learning spaces such as this one. Additionally, when the screen is not used for hybrid group work or casting content, the plectrum and quad worktop shapes naturally point towards the front of the room so that the lecturer can provide traditional classroom teaching if required on the day, giving tutors the tools to teach however they like.  

With TOP-TEC furniture solutions, the AV/IT aspect is the focus from the start, rather than as an afterthought and they tailor their solutions to seamlessly integrate AV and IT creating an easy to use all-in-one solution.  Internal cable management, worktop power options, secure PC cages and screen mounts result in a fully integrated solution for an improved user experience. We were able to collaborate with TOP-TEC to take all of the recommended AV equipment and integrate it into the Synergy tables and Rubi AV lectern.

Kit List

5x Synergy Desks (6-seat) Featuring Mast HDMI connectivity for BYOD purposes to share content on screen and worktop power to help students charge devices for longer seminars.

1x Rubi Mono AV Lectern featuring Control panel housing for easy worktop connectivity (2x HDMI + control panel). Lectures can quickly connect their laptop and cast content to each screen saving time at the start of lessons. Ergonomic monitor arm can be moved to the ideal viewing position for each individual lecturer. 16U (horizontal/350mmD) 5U (vertical 500mmD) rack space. 4Us open for secure access to AV to reduce the chance of cable tampering.

The Result

Since the launch of the brand new building, SCIoT is now home to over 1000+ learners within the campus space, we have received some great feedback from lecturers and students who have been using the room for a variety of courses. The colourways really give the wow factor when you walk into the room and it gives students a professional space for education and training in crucial tech skills, meeting the needs of businesses and inspiring digital futures. SCIoT were happy with this solution that helps support their overall goal of blending physical and digital environments into dynamic and flexible teaching spaces.


“We are absolutely delighted with the solution provided for our Agile Learning space. The TOP-TEC AV furniture not only looks fantastic but gives teachers and students a brilliant environment for collaboration!” - Lynette Potgieter, Milton Keynes College

Check out this stunning drone footage of the completed project featuring TOP-TEC: