Collingwood College

Client: Surgo Construction


As part of an extensive expansion and refurbishment project, the College required AV upgrades in three main areas, the Common Room, the Student bar and the Gymnasium.


Collingwood College is a modern and relaxed education centre, with a focus on innovation over tradition. They currently have over 1500 undergraduates and post graduates from all over the world. The College planned to undertake extensive expansion and refurbishments. As part of this, they required audio visual upgrades in three main areas, the Common Room, Student bar and Gymnasium.

Key Features

  • AMX Control System
  • BYOD Capabilities
  • LG Display screens
  • Panasonic Projector
  • Audac and JBL Speakers


The Common Room, is a large space with multiple areas for student to socialise in. A home cinema system was required, an LG 65” screen was fitted to meet this requirement. The screen allows for a variety of content to be shown including Sky TV. A 10” AMX touch panel was used to allow simple control of the inputs, this also allowed the system to be connect and input from the main system Matrix switcher.

The main system consisted of three 55" LG screens, two in the common room and one in the bar as well as a Panasonic PT-RZ570 WUXGA projector. Six AMX 10” touch panels located at various points, allow for students and staff to control the inputs to all the screens and projector. An AV rack supported all the processing units, including an Extron DTP Crosspoints 108 4K Matrix Switcher. Mersive SGE pods give the College wireless capabilities and allow students to connect their own devices.